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     RTI ACT 2005

=>>   Right To Information
=>>   Employee List with mobile No.
=>>   Board Prosiging
=>>   Board Prosiging
=>>   Board Prosiging
=>>   Tenderd List of work Development
=>>   Advertising Notification_compressed
=>>   Basti Development Authority Notification
=>>   Cadre Linking Traninig
=>>   Credit Ratings
=>>   Install LED Lights on Street Light (Annexure 28)
=>>   Payroll (Annexure- Egovernance 16-17 )
=>>   Project managment of ULB Basti
=>>   Tax Revenue
=>>   User Charges Bank Account (Annexure 23)
=>>   Waste Water recycling and Feacal Sludge Management Order
=>>   Water Audit Credit Ratings (Annexure 26)
=>>   Biometric Attendance
=>>   Water production & distribution Audit by EESL
=>>   Water Revenue
=>>   Basti City NPP Map
=>>   Kateswar Park
=>>   Action Plan Water Reduce Plan
=>>   Online Notification of Recruitment Rules for all municipal cadres
=>>   Employees Siniority List of Nagar Palika Parishad Basti
=>>   solar light
=>>   ULB Details
=>>   general Information of ULB


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